How To Choose A Leather Motorcycle Vest That Screams

Let’s jump right into the details and choose the perfect leather jacket for you a shipwreck in the sand. This jacket will not only scream “I ride motorcycles,” but it will also whisper “I love the ride.” The circular, “cookie-cutter”, guides are out. Here, we will cut out the fluff to get straight to the meat.

Quality is our first priority. Not all leather vests are created equal. The two types of vests available are the hardy cowhide and the soft, buttery lambskin. You can choose the leather type you like and how rough to treat it. You should remember that fine leather improves over time just like fine wine.

Now, let’s talk about the quality of craftsmanship. There’s more to it than finding a nicely stitched vest (though that is important, too). Finding a vest that has personality is important. Perhaps even a hint of sass. Zippers with a satisfying click sound are a must, and pockets large enough to keep your keys in for days. You’ll get a bonus with adjustable straps and lace.

The design is where you can really let your freak-flag soar. Go for it if you want to be noticed at a penguin-themed party or if you prefer the classic color black. Patches, pins, studs, and other accessories can help you express yourself without having to say a word. You should always remember that less can be more, unless that’s what you’re into.

It may not seem very attractive, but I’m going to tell you why. You want a vest you can wear on the backroads or at your cousins’ wedding. (You might want to remove any skull patches). You can keep cool by wearing vests with removable liners in summer.

Heritage isn’t something you can find in any store. Some brands have been dressing bikers ever since your grandpa rode his Indian Scout and did wheelies. Vests have a rich history and are more than just fashionable.

The best leather jacket for you is not rocket surgery. You need to consider what you like as a biker, and also who you are as an individual.

Use these tips to help you choose a vest that fits you and reflects your personality. While it’s simple to find a biker jacket that fits, you should also consider your own personal style. Never forget to embrace the curves that life throws at you when riding.

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